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Why Real Estate Debt Investing

Kirkland Capital Group originated from an opportunity to provide investors annual fixed income net returns of 8.5% - 9.5%, with a focus on capital preservation, through micro-balance commercial real estate bridge lending.

First, most lenders will not consider commercial real estate bridge loans under $1 million due to extensive manual process; our technology background enables us to leverage this opportunity. Second, first lien mortgages against income producing commercial real estate, at a reasonable loan-to-value, and conservatively underwritten, have historically been a place of safety in down economies; especially for multifamily, as everyone needs a place to live.

Investor Focused

Investors benefit from the alignment in fees, expenses, operations, and compliance that Kirkland Capital was able to build into the Kirkland Income Fund due to its real estate and investment management foundation. Investors also gain confidence with investment trade level transparency.

This is the lower risk, higher return fund that allows us to sleep peacefully at night with our own and our families’ money invested. A house-of-bricks delivering financial security.

Do Well and Do Good

Kirkland Capital loans contribute to the rehabilitation of middle-income affordable housing, making a positive social and environmental impact. In addition to building their own financial security, many of our borrowers transform rundown Class C apartments into Class B apartments that house vital community members such as teachers, nurses, and first responders.

We are also honored to back minority borrowers and those working to provide housing improvements in minority neighborhoods. Improvements to the quality of existing housing via renovation significantly boosts socioeconomic conditions such as employment and mental health. Renovation also has a positive environmental impact to greenhouse gases and carbon outlay compared to new construction.

It is with confidence that we label the Kirkland Income Fund family of investors a force that is generating positive social and environmental impact alongside a good financial return.

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