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Include any documents you might have with your loan scenario submission. A list of typical items that will be needed for full underwriting is at the bottom of this page.

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Items for Full Underwriting

List of typical items (not exhaustive) needed for a full underwriting once you decide to move forward.

  • General
    • Signed loan Term Sheet
    • KCG Fee Deposit ($795) received
    • Letter of Intent for long-term financing lender; and/or explanation of exit from KCG loan
  • Credit
  • Financial
    • Last 2 years Federal Tax Returns on each borrower, and an up-to-date W-2 statement (if current return is not yet available) or P&L statement
    • LLCs/LPs: Partnership Agreement or Operating Agreement; Certificate of Limited Partnership (if applicable); Last 2 years partnership Tax Returns
    • For Corporations: Most recent balance sheet (net worth statement); Last 2 years corporate tax returns; Articles of Incorporation; Resolution to Borrow
    • Personal Financial Statement & Schedule of Real Estate Owned (template download); dated within 90 days of projected closing date
    • Current Liquid Asset Statements (2 months)
    • 6-Months Prepaid Interest Payments (COVID-19 requirement)
  • Insurance
    • Property, Casualty, Liability Coverage equals the lesser of replacement cost or loan amount
    • Insurance coverage includes fire and extended perils, and other hazards customary to the area
    • General Liability coverage: $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate
  • Property
    • Last 24 Month’s Actual Operating Statement / P&L
    • Pro Forma Operating Statement
    • Rent Roll (includes address of each unit, the room count, and the current rent)
    • Copy & Schedule of leases (includes address of each unit, the name of the tenant, the net rentable square footage of each unit, and the current rent)
    • Purchase & Sale Agreement
    • KCG Environmental Questionnaire